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Empowering YOU to promote optimal health, prevent illness and pursue passions



We seek to change the world by transforming the way individuals eat to improve the health outcomes of our population today as well as generations to come.

As a trusted food advocate for individuals in a modern world, we aim to be a voice for future generations standing behind our 3-A’s principles of awareness, access and action. We passionately share health and wellness to the larger community in fun and unique ways.

At Bellicious, we are guided by these beliefs


We believe life happens when your passion and purpose collide


We believe in removing obstacles to pursuing life's passions


We believe toxic chemicals in food and our environment contribute to illness and are unnecessary obstacles that prevent optimal health


We believe we have choices when it comes to what we put in and on our body


We believe information influencing our individual and family’s outcome should be available to everyone and everyone should have transparency into every ingredient from seed to soul


We believe that knowledge and education of the health promoting or disease provoking consequences leads to better choices


We believe that consumers armed with knowledge can move markets for the greater good


We believe high quality foods are a powerful source of medicine to aid your body’s natural ability to prevent disease and restore health


We believe EVERYONE should have access to high quality, toxin-free products


We believe in advocating for better solutions for a better future for future generations!

What food should I eat?

Food can either be a powerful form of medicine or a slow form of poison. Understanding the food supply chain can be a powerful tool to understanding sources of toxins. We like to say that food should be nourishing from “seed to soul.” Do you know where your food comes from and how it either promotes health or contributes to adverse issues?

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Sustainability in Agriculture and Restorative Farming

Current conventional farming practices lead to lower nutritional value and toxins in the food we eat, reduced soil biodiversity, topsoil erosion, ground water contamination, greenhouse gas emissions and a negative impact to human life and the environment. By reconnecting to the soil and selecting food from farms that support sustainable and regenerative practices, you are encouraging the restoration of our nation’s top soil. Let’s reverse the damage. Check out more...

Kiss the Ground Movement Farmer's Footprint Movement

"A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself."

Restorative Farming
Jessica Bell

"The more you know about what influences health, the more likely you are to gravitate toward better options. You can’t un-know this stuff"

‐ Jessica Bell, Bellicious Founder

Food Citizenship

Food Citizenship is a creative opportunity to make our food system fairer and more sustainable, and to build commercial success in a different way. The idea of consumerism encourages short term thinking using price and convenience as the primary drivers and heavily relies on processed factory food for the lowest price and most convenience. I believe that this convenience comes with threats to health, but there now exists a gap in the relationship between food and the earth and humans that was present prior to commercially produced food. Here are 30 ways to share in the solution as a Food Citizen.

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