About Us

Located in southern California, Bellicious is a company primarily focused on research and education to prevent and restore health on a broader scale. With the growing epidemic of chronic illness, we aim to establish practical everyday applications of concepts new and old in a digestible way for consumers to improve their overall quality of life. We forge partnerships with food and product brands who share the vision and maintain responsibility for protecting human health and preserving the planet. Bellicious is involved in research and education for kids and adults, consulting, brand partnerships, events, food and nutrition, curriculum development and health and wellness from an integrative, whole person perspective.


We are on a mission to educate, inspire and empower healthier families. Through our work delivering practical strategies, guidance and implementation, we aim to shift the course of health away from an epidemic of disease and toward achieving full potential in each individual we reach. We are dedicated to creating awareness of the adverse impacts related to commercially manufactured food and the Standard American Diet, conventional farming and other environmental threats to health. We educate about sources of toxins that lead to illness and strategies to successfully adopt safer alternatives that help people reduce their risk and increase their potential to realize optimal health and vitality.

What we do

We passionately research and lovingly educate about common hidden toxins we are exposed to in our environment that threaten health and contribute to the epidemic of disease.

We share strategy to reduce toxic exposures and replace common practices with safer, health-promoting alternatives utilizing the simple rule - take out the bad, replace with good!


We are an education-based company. We believe those aware of the threats to health are more likely to seek alternatives to prevent illness and disease and change the future for future generations. We believe in the power for food to be a source of medicine or a slow form of poison. We believe in the powerful pursuit of optimal health of body and mind by removing obstacles to health. We believe in the simplicity of adopting mindful practices to make small shifts and better choices that serve the greater good of humanity and the future of the planet. We educate about the root of disease so that shifts can take place and behaviors can be modified.